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As a teenager, I was on the beauty ant circuit and I won a handful of competitions, I really thought that I could become a fashion model but I was told that my breasts were too big and my ass was the wrong shape and that I should try glamor modeling. After a few years of glamor shoots and basically porn pictures I realized that if I wanted to make enough money to live a good lifestyle I should become a call girl in California. Men were always hitting on me, asking me out for dinner, offering to whisk me away to Europe and exotic places so I thought why not say yes and get paid for it as well.

I knew a few girls who were working as escorts in Thousand Oaks so I asked them if they could recommend the best escort agency to on with. I can still remember the first booking. Clients hire me for my time and if I feel that I want to have sex with the guy that is my decision. They do, but it is still my choice whether or not I want to have sex with the guy.

I know a lot of call girls in Thousand Oaks are just there for the sexual side of the business but my regular clients know that I like to be wined and dined before any sexual encounter. Most guys want a girlfriend experience, lots of kissing, oral sex and sometimes full sexual intercourse. I know that some girls do have steady boyfriends but I always wonder whether the boyfriend is there just because he has an easy life being with her. I know they are not really boyfriends in the traditional sense, but for me, it is better than living with a guy who is just using me.

I think there are numerous reasons for men visiting or hiring escorts and call girls. Men may want to experiment with different kinks, maybe they have seen something in a porn video that want to try but can't ask their wife, so they go to a call girl who is advertising that service.

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