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Since it's craigslist, I'd assume most are trolls.

Longtime D.C. resident Robert Wood dies

Some are probably real though I'm sure some of these are authentic, but I bet some are fake, posted by liberals who disagree with what CPAC stands for. We have tons of examples of conservative, homophobic preachers and politicians that were caught in homosexual acts, but this is the flimsiest possible evidence that CPAC is crawling with horny gays.

District of Columbia Sluts

Except for the video where they are using grindr around cpac and seeing who else is online and within feet from them. I thought it was hilarious.

Hypocrisy does. People supporting anti-gay legislation and ideas, who like to have gay sex, deserve to be outed.

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CPAC organizers sure think so. They refused to allow GOProud to participate.

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Found the internet! Conservative 'discreet' men in Washington, D. Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Santorum uses craigslist? I heard he has something against Google.

District of Columbia

Continue this thread. Do they need to be purged?

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